Meet our new interns – July 2018

We can't believe our Scientific Internship has already been running for a full month and that a new batch of interns are already arriving!

Written by Yannick Hill, Daniel Rooth, Duncan Tolometti, Jul 2 2018

Meet our new interns – July 2018

Hi, my name is...

Yannick Hill

I am from Luxemburg and currently in my gap year between high school and university. I will study general biology in the hope of soon being able to switch to marine biology, my true passion. The Marine Dynamics skill-based internship will be my base to start off into my studies.

Daniel Rooth

I am 22 years from Kristianstad, Sweden and I am starting my last semester on my bachelor’s degree in biology at Lund University, Sweden. I got to know about the Marine dynamics academy internship through my contacts from my time in Gansbaai volunteering the summer of 2017. The reason that I am sitting here writing for the Marine dynamics academy internship is my interest in marine biology and ecology. This internship is a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of marine living animals, marine ecosystems and the skills needed for a career in marine research.

Duncan Tolometti

I am 21 years olds and from Aberdeen in Scotland. I have just graduated from the University of Dundee with a bachelor’s in microbiology. I found out about the internship programme at Marine Dynamics after being a volunteer for 2 weeks last year over the summer. I signed up for the internship programme as I have always had a keen interest in Zoology extending to marine biology. My love for animals and biology in general came from watching documentaries as a child, the likes of Steve Irwin and David Attenborough cemented in me a strong respect for nature. From this internship I hope to gain experience with analytics and statistics in a professional environment as my first step into a professional career in a biological field.

Our first day

Coffee, conversation and sharks!

The day started off with two new interns arriving in the morning, exciting times for all of us ahead. Over a cup of coffee, we got briefed by the academic lead Toby Rogers, explaining what the next month was holding for us. After this we had time to get settled into our new intern accommodation located in Kleinbaai, followed by a lecture about Shysharks in the afternoon. During the internship part of our work will revolve mainly around 4 species of the Shyshark family, namely the Dark Shyshark, Stripped Pyjama Shark, Leopard Catshark and Puffadder. Collecting data on these animals will help further research on them and enable us to understand and protect them as well as their environment better. The day ended with a relaxed evening in the IMV lodge over drinks and braai getting to know both the crew and the volunteers we will be working with on the boats. 

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Yannick Hill Student, Scientific Internship

I’m from Luxembourg and currently preparing to study General Biology in Germany. My goal however is to switch to Marine Biology or Conservation.

Yannick's profile
Yannick Hill
Daniel Rooth Biology Student, Scientific Internship

My name is Daniel Rooth, I am 22 years old from Kristianstad, Sweden and I am completing my bachelor’s degree in biology at Lund University.

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Daniel Rooth
Duncan Tolometti Microbiology Student, Scientific Internship

My name is Duncan Tolometti, I am from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. I found the internship program after volunteering in 2017 which I absolutely loved!

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Duncan Tolometti

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