Sharing our Scientific Internship with UK Universities

Just a quick update from the road as Marine Dynamics Academy visit UK Universities.

Written by Oct 29 2018

Sharing our Scientific Internship with UK Universities

Marine Dynamics Academy on tour

I’m currently in the UK, visiting a number of Universities who have expressed an interest in our Scientific Internship and have been keen for us to present to their students.

There’s never a dull moment at Marine Dynamics Academy and it’s great to finally be sharing so many of our incredible wildlife adventures, with people who in a few years time will be making discoveries of their own.

Where have we been so far?

Toby Rogers at the University of Salford

Myself with Laura of the Salford wildlife society

The tour started with a presentation at the University of Salford, to the Salford wildlife society – who even went to such extreme lengths as hand drawing their own poster for the event! We felt profoundly honoured to be treated as such!

What was really fantastic about this talk, was that not all the students were strictly interested in marine wildlife alone, but nevertheless saw value in what our program offers them. I got chance to speak with people whose interests cross terrestrial wildlife and education, to conservation and communications.

The feedback we got was great and it was a real pleasure to speak with so many people with a clear passion for the marine environment. Thanks again for Laura for organising this event!

The next two presentation took me across to Ireland at NUI Galway and Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge.

Both continued to spoil us with students who clearly love wildlife, science and are dedicated to pursuing careers which combine the two.

Students at NUI Galway

Students at NUI Galway

One of the great challenges for us as a training program, is ensuring the skills-based and academic experiences we deliver are useful to students with a broad range of interests, backgrounds and future career paths. A holistic approach to training which empowers students with skills that can make a measurable contribution to their development – whereever they wish to go – is a significant priority to us.

If the feedback we’ve received so far is any indication, we’re on the right track! We’re pleased with the overwhemlingly positive response we’ve had so far and in particular, how strongly students feel our experiences could benefit their progression.

Thank you to all three Universities, the experiences so far have all been fantastic!

Where to next?

University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

Tomorrow I will be visiting the University of Liverpool, which I am especially looking forward to since it’s where I completed my undergraduate study.

I’ll have more updates for everyone in the next week or so and hope to see more of you on the road!


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