Interns visit the Tuberculosis Research Group at Stellenbosch University

Written by Ralph Watson, May 26 2021

Interns visit the Tuberculosis Research Group at Stellenbosch University

Collaboration is key! Not just to save animals, but people as well.

Last week the Marine Dynamics Academy interns went on a field trip to the Tuberculosis Research Group at Stellenbosch University. Here they learned how they look to nature to find chemical compounds that will help with the treatment of TB and other diseases (including cancer).Our interns receive hands-on experience extracting these compounds from biological materials.

TB kills tens of thousands of people every year, and the drugs that help treat it become less effective as the bacterial strains mutate to overcome them. Therefore these scientists look to nature to find compounds that might help in the fight against this deadly disease.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust assists the Mycochem group with exploring the marine environment in this regard. By providing expertise on rocky shore and reef environments, we not only help with potentially saving a life in the future, but also highlighting the importance of ensuring a healthy marine environment. For how can we search for life-saving treatments if we destroy the area that could potentially hide the cure for these deadly diseases.

Thanks to Kudzanai and Vuyo from Mycochem group for providing a fantastic experience for our interns by showcasing the importance of working together with people outside one’s field. Also for being so keen to work towards the betterment of not just people, but nature as well.




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