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We offer marine enthusiasts a range of life-changing experiences, each designed to improve their skills and employability prospects.

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Marine wildlife training experiences in South Africa

The Marine Dynamics Academy has one very simple goal - to help future marine ambassadors surpass their potential through diverse, skills-based training programs tailored to their very needs:

  • Experience life in the home of the Marine Big 5.
  • Live in luxury accommodation and use varied facilities.
  • Enhance your career prospects with specialist training.
  • Learn directly from seasoned ocean experts.
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Marine Dynamics Partners and Supporters:

  • Marine Dynamics
  • Dyer Island Crusies
  • National Geographic
  • Discovery Channel
  • Two Oceans Aquarium
  • African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary
Training for the Marine Enthusiast:

Specialist Training Programs

Careers involving the marine environment are broad and varied. Our programs have been designed by experienced specialists who are actively involved in their field, allowing us to offer training content which is forward thinking and informed by real-world professions.

Your marine career - starts here:

What makes these programs special?

Which is best for you?

Finding your place in the world of marine research, conervation and eco-tourism can be a daunting prospect - that's why we're here! If you're unsure which of our programs best suits you, please get in touch via the link below so we can learn more about you and advise accordingly.

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The animals of Gansbaai:

Work with the Marine Big 5

One of the many ways in which Gansbaai is a truly unique, special prospect for people who want to work with marine wildlife, is how diverse the area is. Between The Marine Big 5 and countless other species, few places in the world are home to so many incredible animals.

South Africa's ocean wildlife - right on your doorstep:

Species we work with:

  • Great white sharks

    Gracious, beautiful, misunderstood - three words used by guests of Dyer Island Cruises after witnessing South Africa's most infamous marine species: The Great White Shark.

    The Great white shark
  • Dolphins

    The Common bottlenose dolphin is the archetypal, and possibly most famous species of dolphin. They are the most commonly seen dolphin on television and in aquariums.

  • Cape fur seals

    With a local population of 60,000, it's no wonder our guests capture so many photographs of these wonderfully playful marine mammals.

    The Cape fur seal
  • African penguins

    As one of only 17 penguin species left in the world (and the only one on the african continent), the african penguin often breed in offshore colonies, such as Dyer Island.

    The African penguin

Ready to apply?

If you've been excited by what you've read so far, then we highly recommend you visit each of our main training programs, to see which best suits your needs and begin your marine adventure today!

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