David ‘Ed’ Edwards

Lead Producer and Designer
David ‘Ed’ Edwards

About Ed

My name is David ‘Ed’ Edwards, I am Lead Producer for Marine Dynamics Academy. I oversee the development of our Scientific Internship and design the vast majority of our marketing materials.

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What is your role at Marine Dynamics Academy?

While I design and maintain many of our marketing assets (including this very website), I’m also responsible for co-developing the syllabus and long term strategy of our Scientific Internship.

This involves corresponding regularly with our Academic, Technical and Recruitment leads to ensure that what we’re offering is informed, up to date and of genuine value to our various students.

I’m also in the process of developing several experimental research projects, including the use of 3D photogrammetry to generate digital reproductions of our local marine life.

What is your background?

My working history spans across multimedia design and shark research, as I’m a digital designer by trade but an absolute shark nut by birth. I’ve always been interested in how immersive digital environments and technologies typically associated with entertainment industries, can be used to further marine research and conservation.

From a marine perspective, I’ve worked on a number of research programs in South Africa and contributed to several studies, including Gauging The Threat which I co-authored back in 2012.

What is your favourite marine animal and why?

The great white shark. I know, it’s painfully cliche and I do love sharks in general, but there’s just something especially captivating about these dark eyed creatures of absolute perfection.

Seeing one in a book for the first time captured my imagination. The first I saw on TV absolutely blew my mind and actually spending time with them in the wild changed my life.

They’re the best thing on the planet – and that includes cheesey garlic bread.

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