Natasha Hamdy

Recruitment Lead
Natasha Hamdy

About Natasha

My name is Natasha Hamdy, I am the Lead Recruiter for Marine Dynamics Academy and I feel very blessed to be, as it means I get to speak with almost every single one of our interns and volunteers.

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What is your background?

I actually used to work on the ocean, before focusing my attention on what lies under it. I worked in Cruise Liner spas and although I’ve always had a passion for animals, it was this experience that really cemented by interest.

Whether it was seeing Orcas in Iceland’s open waters, the pink river dolphins of the Amazon and not to mention the Piranhas, these experiences all left their mark on me when I returned to South Africa.

I wanted to stay connected with the oceans and education especially. I wanted to play a role in ensuring the wildlife that inspired me would continue to thrive in the wild.

This eventually lead to my current role at Marine Dynamics Academy and it brings such joy to learn about all the incredible backgrounds of our students and the experiences they have with us.