Camille Ollier

Fisheries Graduate, Scientific Intern
Camille Ollier

About Camille

Camille is from France and is a new graduate with a degree in Fisheries from Agrocampus Ouest.

I felt a growing interest for marine biology as I carried out research internships in New Zealand and the United States. I have always been fascinated by the marine environment and its inhabitants, especially large predators such as cetaceans. I am interested in behavioural monitoring to study the population dynamics and its human impacts with a variety of tracking methods. Despite the challenges of being a deaf scientist, my disability won’t have to stop me from achieving great things. Actually, I am looking for a PhD in the field of behavioural monitoring of large predators. So I believe that the Marine Dynamics Academy internship program will teach me the skills needed to start my dream career. It’s also a great opportunity to gain valuable experience abroad and working alongside researchers, scientists, conservationists, and other professionals in the field.

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