Cayla Casucci

Biological Oceanography Student, Scientific Intern
Cayla Casucci

About Cayla

Growing up, I was actually afraid of the ocean, after being knocked down by and tumbled through a wave during a family vacation, I wanted nothing to do with it. From then I never really went to the beach and if I did, I never went in the water more than my ankles – it was too scary! Fast forward to high school and I unexpectedly fell in love with the ocean during my Marine Biology class and ended up pursuing a degree in Marine Science with a concentration in Biological Oceanography at North Carolina State University.

Through my university I was lucky enough to study abroad at the University of Adelaide in South Australia where I was able to further my marine science education. It was eye opening and I feel very lucky to have had that experience, and to get to visit the Great Barrier Reef!

I was introduced to Marine Dynamics through my Australian classmate, a crew member and former volunteer. Through this internship I hope to gain practical field experience and skills as well as broaden my knowledge about the marine environment and organisms that will help me with my career. I am very excited to be here in beautiful South Africa and to get to be exposed to the Marine Big 5!