Emma Frey

Biology student, scientific intern
Emma Frey

About Emma

My name is Emma Frey and I grew up in Ontario, Canada. I have just completed my fourth year at Queen’s University where I am earning my bachelor’s degree in biology. I still have one more semester at Queen’s University to complete my degree. I have always been fascinated with ocean life ever since I first visited a shark laboratory in Bimini, Bahamas.

My goal at the Marine Dynamics Internship is to narrow my interests and discover what field interests me most. I am fascinated with seahorses and sharks but have a massive appreciation for all marine life. I would love to complete a Ph.D. where I am able to use ORI tagging to observe unknown matting patterns of any species. this internship is all about gaining as much experience as I can in as many different fields as possible. the skills that I obtain at this internship will help my future goals as a scientist and pass on important information to other communities.

Ultimately, my goal is to work in marine conservation and advocate for the wellbeing of species that are not yet spoken for. the more information and data that we are able to collect, the more species we will be able to protect.

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