Emma Phillips

Marine Biology Student, Scientific Intern
Emma Phillips

About Emma

I’m Emma, I am 18 years old and have just finished my first year of studying Marine Biology at the University of Southampton in England.

When I was 16 I had the amazing opportunity to go on a trip to Belize, which involved being taught by marine biologists and snorkelling in the Belize barrier reef. This experience opened up my mind to the possibility of being able to do the thing I was passionate about as a career. Currently I am very interested in global climate change and the effect this is having and will continue to have on the world’s oceans. In addition to that I am also fascinated by the iconic Great White Shark, and the opportunity to see them every week here has been incredible.

I chose to do this internship because I thought it was an amazing opportunity to get out into the field and do work that will be useful in the future. The variety of modules allows me to pursue my interests in Great White Sharks, as well as photography and data monitoring. It is a great way to prepare you for life as a marine biologist.

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