George Garrett

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George Garrett

About George

My name is George Garrett, I am 23 and from Bristol, England. When I was younger I was obsessed with animals, this made me want pets of all kinds. For my 12th birthday, I was given 2 rats called dash and stripe. At 15 I realized I would be able to study for a diploma in animal care and this changed my life, giving me the realization that I could have a career working to help wild animals. After completing this diploma I became somewhat lost in life and decided to change careers to work in learning disability care which I did till I was 23. I loved this job but in turn, lost my passion for animals and the environment.

Once coronavirus hit, I was unable to work.  The opportunity for me to travel to South Africa and work with Marine Dynamics presented itself. My family pushed me to do this as they saw the opportunity to rediscover my passion and dream career.

While in South Africa I found my passion and I feel like I was born to help marine life and now I dream to work with Marine Dynamics.

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