Jade Sookhoo

Biodiversity & Ecology Graduate, Scientific Intern
Jade Sookhoo

About Jade

Having grown up on an island, I have always been in love with the ocean and how the natural balance in this ecosystem is maintained. As I got older, my interest for wildlife and its conservation grew, leading me to study a Bachelor’s degree in Biodiversity and ecology at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

Being captivated by marine ecology has made me want to be an ambassador for marine wildlife, whether it be conserving the smallest species or the largest. The ability to apply my skills as well as learn many new ones while doing this internship is incredibly exciting and I hope it leads me to a career in Marine Conservation.

I would love to continue studying further, focusing on human impacts on the ocean by broadening my understanding of marine wildlife and conservation strategies. I would like to be able to educate more people on the importance of sustainable efforts in managing marine species as well as engaging communities to protect coastal and marine life.

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