Julia Pinto

Scientific intern
Julia Pinto

About Julia

My name is Julia Pinto and I am originally from Paris in France. Deeply interested in science in general, my desire to learn more about wildlife naturally steers me into biology. I am thereby in my first year of FDV as we can translate as Boundary of Life, a multidisciplinary scientific license which offers a multifaceted approach to the living things.

My passion for the sea started at an early age from spending most of my summer on a boat, sailing with my family on the gorgeous blue waters of the Mediterranean. Marine Biology is naturally the perfect combination of my two biggest interests and Marine Dynamics Internship turned out to be the best way to make them grow. As a relatively novice in this domain, my thirst for learning and my wish of gaining field experience skills can only be better. Being directly involved in the studies and conservation of such captivating and threatening animals as penguins, whales and sharks is the opportunity of a lifetime.

I can’t predict if my career will be oriented towards marine biology, but I will certainly follow in Marine Dynamics’s footsteps in terms of educating and engaging communities on the protection of wildlife as well as practicing science in an ethical and sustainable way !

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