Kathryn Dyball

Marine Biology Graduate & Ecotourism Guide, Scientific Intern
Kathryn Dyball

About Kat

Being Australian, the ocean is in my blood. I was taught to swim, snorkel, fish and surf from a young age. My hobby then turned into something more through the encouragement of my high school biology teacher (cheers Mr Mac).

I continued my marine studies at Murdoch University and soon got my diving license. My passion for diving has allowed to travel all over the world to some of the most pristine and world-renowned dive sites. From South America and The Galapagos Islands, Central America, South East Asia, Hawaii, Mexico, and my own backyard at the beautiful Ningaloo Reef. The two main interests that have arisen from diving have been underwater photography and sharks. Most of my diving trips are seeking out shark encounters, with my current favourite species being the Pelagic Thresher Shark.

I currently work in the marine tourism sector running whale watching, dolphin, and eco tours from Broome (WA), as well as coral and shipwreck viewing tours at Rottnest Island (WA). I use this platform as a way of educating the guests about the importance of healthy oceans and ecosystems.

Unfortunately, there are many political issues happening in Australia that threaten our oceans. The most notable is the allowance of the Adani coal mine on The Great Barrier Reef, Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor drilling down in The Great Australian Bight, and the controversial use of shark drum lines in our South West. Each of these issues reside deeply with me. I aim to continue educating myself and others to help protect and preserve not only Australian oceans, but the oceans around the world.

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