Lea Soler-Clavel

Marine Biology Student, Scientific Intern
Lea Soler-Clavel

About Léa

My family has deep Mediterranean roots, and I grew up snorkelling off the Spanish coast with my father, while hearing my mother’s tales from her stay in Polynesia. From a very young age, the ocean appealed to me and I knew I wanted to make it a career, as well as a way of life.

Being passionate about the environment and animal wellbeing, and especially oceanic ecosystems, I hope that my degree in Marine Biology will help me contribute to the efforts made towards a more sustainable future. And maybe, however idealistic the dream may be, save the oceans.

I heard about Marine Dynamics at Uni, and thought it would be the perfect hands-on experience, combining my love for travelling, the ocean and big marine beasties, and to start a career in marine photography and journalism, as well as research in the future.

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