Liberty Denman

Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology Student , Scientific Intern
Liberty Denman

About Liberty

My name is Liberty Denman and I am originally from the New Forest on the South Coast of England. I am currently on placement in my 3rd year studying Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology at Plymouth University. Growing up on the South Coast sparked my interest in aquatic life, allowing me to spend endless hours combing the local beach for fossils and sharks’ teeth. I further realised my passion for Marine Biology through free diving and scuba diving that has progressed to the HSE commercial qualification I now have.

I spent the summer between college and university volunteering at sharklab-Malta. There I was first properly exposed to all the aspects behind shark research and conservation. During this volunteer position, I worked on adding to a 10-year data set on the elasmobranch species landed in the area assessing the overall diversity and decline in adult individuals caught. We also worked alongside with Malta National Aquarium educating children from 2-16 years old through talks, dissections and guided snorkels in Golden Bay.

Since studying at Plymouth I have had a growing appreciation for all marine wildlife, but my main interests have remained in the behaviour of macrofauna, specifically that of sharks. The MDA internship is one of the few locations you can get hands-on experience working with megafauna such as the charismatic Great White Shark while still in learning.

I am hoping to combine my love for science with filming to communicate the endless knowledge from the science community to the general public to give reason behind conservation.