Maik Werner

Scientific Intern
Maik Werner

About Maik

My name is Maik Werner and I am from Duesseldorf, Germany. I’m currently studying biology at the Heinrich-Heine University in Duesseldorf and will focus on marine biology in my further academic career.

From the moment I heard about programmes like the scientific internship of Marine Dynamics, I knew I have to do that. When I visited South Africa for leisure four years ago, I got in contact with a marine scientist, that told me about this great chance. Since that moment it was only a matter of time when I will start. I remember the moment my dad took me to the Aquarium in Duesseldorf. They used to have a true-to-measure shark bite of a great white shark at the entrance. My Dad, my sister and I had space in that huge mouth all together. Fascinating. Sharks!! I was obsessed with them and bought books, watched documentaries and wanted to know everything about them. As I was digging in deeper in that topic I got in touch with other marine habitats, the marine ecosystem and its fragile situation. I wanted to help. I found documentaries about marine biologists and their diverse work. I was truly amazed by their work and their commitment to actually help those animals with science, awareness and action. I wanted to do the same.

That is when I decided I will become a marine scientist and help. I started my academic career in that field. Lectures are one thing. But practice is the one thing my university couldn’t offer. So I found out about the programmes at Marine Dynamics. I hope to learn typical skills of marine science which helps me to enhance my future academic career and gain experiences, encounter wild marine habitants and already help them with coastal cleanups, research and nursery. I am excited about Data collection, photography and get to know all the ongoing projects. Last but not least just being close to nature, wildlife and the ocean!

I am looking forward to a life-changing experience with a great team at Marine Dynamics. In the future, I want to create awareness about the importance of a healthy marine ecosystem and help it to become more stable. There still is lots to know about the unknown ocean. Since I was a young child, I knew I want to help wildlife, especially within the ocean. I still remember how my dad introduced me to Sharks and the ocean with documentaries and books. It was fascinating. I’ve always been interested in the importance but also the biodiversity of and in our oceans.

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