Noy Barel

Business Student / Scientific Intern
Noy Barel

About Noy Barel

My name is Noy Barel, and I am originally from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. I attend school at the University of South Carolina Honors College (USC) and am working towards my bachelor’s degree in International Business. At USC, I am in a leadership position for Net Impact, an organization dedicated to sustainability in the business world.

Prior to university, I volunteered towards marine conservation efforts in Lisbon, Portugal. There I also obtained my SSI Level 1 diving license. One of my favorite memories from my volunteer work was seeing a octopus ink in the wild. It was so surreal to see this in the wild, and it is a memory I will never forget.

I hope to use my studies at USC and the experience from this Marine Dynamics’ scientific internship to help spread information regarding sustainability and animal-welfare to people, businesses, and governments. The opportunities to collect research data, learn about wildlife, and  work alongside biologists through the internship, allow me to gain experience that will help influence, create, and implement such future goals in my career. I also learned valuable lessons regarding the PR side of conservation that are just as valuable in such a field. I believe that with the right education, policies, and solutions we can mitigate our negative effects on wildlife and preserve our environment.