Ryan Grant

Biology student, scientific intern
Ryan Grant

About Ryan

My name is Ryan Grant and I grew up in Anaheim, California. As a kid, I was drawn to the water, whether it be a pool or the ocean. Spending time in the water sparked my curiosity for what was beneath the surface swimming around.

When I graduated high school, I went to Gonzaga University to study computer engineering thinking it would help me find a stable job. After my first year, I realized I made a mistake and could not continue doing something that I had no passion for. This is when I decided to take a gap year and find what I really wanted to study and dedicate my life to.

Miraculously, I found the Marine Dynamics Volunteer program through a simple google search. Although I only spent a month volunteering, I made a few lifelong friends and many memories I will never forget. My favorite memory being the first time I saw a Great white shark breaching. My time at Marine Dynamics confirmed a feeling I had felt for sometime, I love the ocean and the animals in it. After I returned home, I started college again at Oregon State University(OSU) majoring in Zoology.

Currently, I am in my third year at OSU and I am returning to Marine Dynamics as an intern with the goal of growing as a person and a scientist. I hope to learn how to conduct field work and a research project in a safe and eco-friendly way. I also want to learn what it is like to have a career in marine conservation since that is where I see myself in the future.

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