Sandra Macko

Marine Biology & Zoology Student, Scientific Intern
Sandra Macko

About Sandra

My name is Sandra and I am a current student at the University of Bangor in North Wales. Growing up on the coast of New England I was always exposed to the ocean which made me grow a passion for marine life and pursue a career in the field of marine science.

As a divemaster I have had the opportunity to dive in various locations including the Caribbean, Pacific North West, New England, Cozumel, North Wales, and now South Africa. With such a wide range of diving locations it’s been amazing to see the diverse ecosystems in different waters and share these experiences with people. But also pass on the awareness of protecting our oceans and the importance of it to our future generations.

Being able to take part of Marine Dynamics as intern and work with the big marine 5 is an exciting new experience. It’s great opportunity to work in the field to expand a new set of skills and knowledge about the marine science field an in new part of the world to me.

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