Training for the Marine Enthusiast:

Specialist Training Programs

Careers involving the marine environment are broad and varied. Our programs have been designed by experienced specialists who are actively involved in their field, allowing us to offer training content which is forward thinking and informed by real-world professions.

Your marine career - starts here:

  • Marine-Coastal Guiding

    Comprehensive training and development for prospective guides, wishing to conduct dedicated marine environment tours or gain experience. Learn more

    Your experience includes:

    • Rocky-shore & Dune walking experiences
    • Off-shore and Island tours
    • Boat-based Whale Watching and briding
    • Great white shark-cage Diving
    • Aquarium Guiding
    • Fees available upon request
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    Become a guide
  • Marine Volunteers

    An inspirational experience for people who want to create awareness through eco-tourism, research and community outreach. Learn more

    Your experience includes:

    • Work with The Marine Big 5
    • No scientific or work experience needed
    • Join in on important community projects
    • Experience working on boats with an expert crew
    • Enjoy great white shark cage diving
    • Fees available upon request
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    Change your life
  • Scientific Internship

    A series of exclusive, high level academic and field-based skills training modules for marine science undergraduates and recent graduates. Learn more

    Your experience includes:

    • Academic lectures from seasoned experts
    • Study sharks, cetaceans, penguins and more
    • Develop practical skills in a working environment
    • Improve personal growth through dedicated sessions
    • Work with experimental technologies
    • Fees available upon request
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    Enhance your career

Each of these programs offers you:

  • A recognised experience

    Marine Dynamics is recognised for the quality and range of what we do, and have featured on numerous TV shows by the likes of Discovery Channel, BBC and National Geographic.

  • Tailored training

    All of our programs have been designed to provide our students with high level, specialist training in the areas they are most interested in and have the greatest professional value.

  • Luxury Accommodation

    Everyone who joins one of the Marine Dynamics Academy programs gets to enjoy luxury accommodation, with various facilities to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible

  • Natural wildlife

    The marine wildlife surrounding our local coastal, is among some of the most breath-taking in the country. We ensure all our guests and students are able to see as much of it as they can.

  • Time with experts

    Our team comprises experts in their field, such as internationally recognised white shark expert, Alison Towner, all of whom are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • The African lifestyle

    We are proud and honoured to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Our students don't just live here, they absorb a rich, vibrant, truly South African experience.

  • Cage Diving

    Marine Dynamics Shark Tours is the countries only five star white shark diving operator. If it was ever on your bucket list to cage dive with great white sharks - now's your chance!

  • Working on boats

    All of our training programs include modules that involve dedicated sea time. Our fleet is wide ranging, with several boats all dedicated to very specific tasks, such as diving or filming.

  • Experienced crew

    Our team is broad and diverse, with people who truly are the best at what they do, from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures who are unified in their love of the marine environment.

  • Community Engagement

    It's vitally important to us that we continue to give back to the community and everyone who joins the Marine Dynamics Academy is given the opportunity to do so alongside us.

  • Unique wildlife experiences

    Nature can be unpredictable, especially in a place as diverse as Gansbaai. When the unexpected occurs, Marine Dynamics Academy and our students are always on call to help.

  • Friendships forever

    Those who join our programs don't just learn, they work and experience life-changing events together. Our crew, students and alumni are a family that continues to grow across the world.