Out to sea for some Sharks & Stingrays!

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Written by Isak Nyborg, Josh Coggill, Jul 12 2019

Out to sea for some Sharks & Stingrays!

Out to sea!

After four no sea days due to choppy seas and high winds, we finally took to sea nervous that the sharks wouldn’t show. Weren’t we wrong; following the short journey to the shallows we were quickly found by no fewer than three Bronze Whaler’s which circled the boat chasing the bait lines -. Shortly after a mature Short Tailed Stingray turned up sticking around and surprisingly targeting the bait lines as well. Another treat was seeing a box jelly swim along the side of the boat. South African box jellyfish are not as poisonous as their Australian cousin’s, but we were glad no one was in range of being stung non the less.

The weather conditions were perfect for cage diving, calm seas with a little swell during the morning, a beautiful sunrise and low winds upon return, but no Great Whites. After a couple of hours clients started to become nervous of no activity on that trip but we saved the best for last.

The other boats kindly informed us of a Great White in the area, we moved the boat and struck gold; an unnamed and very excited 2.8m adolescent female saved the day with some superb action and runs for the bait lines. The highlight of the trip was catching her hone her breaching technique on the bait lines- even catching one of the crew off guard and momentarily getting a hold onto one of the bait lines. After giving several spectacular breaches giving the clients a superb experience it was time to return to the harbour leaving the clients with some memories we hope they will have forever. Leaving with some big great white smiles on their faces we bid them all a fond farewell.

Having spent a week at Gansbaai and being able to go on two Great White tours we have gained some priceless information and experiences as well as the opportunity to practice photography while simultaneously being able to help the tourists enjoy the experience of a lifetime. We couldn’t be happier to be here.


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Isak Nyborg Marine Biology Student, Scientific Intern

Isak is a Marine Biology Masters student at Lund University Sweden

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Isak Nyborg
Josh Coggill Marine Biology Student, Scientific Intern

Josh is a Marine Biology Student at Bangor University

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Josh Coggill

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