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Coastal-Marine Naturalist Certificate

This short course offered by the Marine Dynamics Academy is aimed at introducing interested participants the opportunity to learn about the local natural environment.

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Coastal-Marine Naturalist Certificate - Course Summary

The course includes both the Fynbos and Marine environment and all of life that these interconnected environments give rise to. The course information includes a brief introduction to many topics.

  • Lectures from experienced field guides
  • Marine and coastal birds and mammals
  • Historical Human Habitation
  • Unique practical excursion
  • Weather and climate
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Course Information:

Included topics:

  • Introduction to the biomes of South Africa and the Fynbos biome
  • The Coastal marine environment and the two oceans Geology and the coastal environment
  • Astronomy, Weather and Climate
  • Marine and Fynbos Ecology, Basic Taxonomy, Plants and Sea Plants (Algae)
  • Marine and Fynbos invertebrates and Amphibians
  • Marine and Fynbos Reptiles and Fish
  • Coastal-Marine Birds and Mammals
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Historical Human Habitation
  • Conservation

You will receive:

  • Marine Dynamics Academy will issue a Coastal-Marine Naturalist Certificate to all participants who attend the course and successfully complete the workbook.

You will do:

  • 5x lectures
  • 1x practical excursion
  • Species identification
  • Workbook completion

Course Dates:

  • Coming soon
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Grant Hine

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