We’re on Youtube!

Our new YouTube channel recently went live and a few of our alumni have very kindly recorded testimonials, of their various experiences with Marine Dynamics Academy.

Written by David ‘Ed’ Edwards, Oct 9 2018

We’re on Youtube!

Keeping you connected with Marine Dynamics Academy

We’re now on YouTube

As our Facebook followers will have found out this week, we put our new YouTube channel live. In time, this will become one of our primary methods of sharing updates across our research projects and training programs.

If you’re on YouTube then please do head over to the Marine Dynamics Academy Channel, subscribe and you’ll be the first to know when more videos about our programs and research go live.

Alumni Feedback

Since we’re still working on much of our video content, we thought now would be a great opportunity to share some of the video testimonials we’ve already received, from our Scientific Internship and Marine Volunteers alumni.

Emma Butterworth was one of our very first scientific interns, who attended the program during her gap year before going to study Marine Biology at Swansea University. She also caught some incredible photographs while training, some of which are now being used across many of our marketing materials.

California-native Cooper Richman joined the our volunteer program in the hopes of seeing The Marine Big 5 and he was not disappointed. A student of animal sciences, Cooper felt that his experience at the Academy would make a valuable contribution to his studies and enjoyed being kept busy every day.

Scientific interns Danielle Kelly and Gary Lyon (whose blogs you may well have seen on here before), also had great things to say about their time with Marine Dynamics Academy.

You can watch their testimonials along with more from some of our marine volunteers over on our YouTube Channel.

More news on the way

The past month or so has been incredibly busy, between amazing whale activity in the bay, preparation for our pilot research project due to start in November and our upcoming UK University tour.

We will have details on all the above and more within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to everyone who has written in to express interest in our programs and for keeping up to date with our stories on here!

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