Shark Trips With Interns

Jade headed out to sea on Slashfin! Read what she saw here!

Written by Jade Sookhoo, May 26 2019

Shark Trips With Interns

And out to sea I go!

Since I’ve arrived, I have experienced and learnt so many new things. My first official day at sea was an amazing experience, I got to experience what it was like to be part of the shark cage diving boat crew; Slashfin. After much preparation before boarding, we finally sailed off to The Shallows. The way there was a trip full of various bird sightings and the air was filled with excitement radiating from both the clients as well as myself. Once we arrived at the dive site, I learnt how to fill in important data sheets pertaining to the trip, aided the volunteers on duty with setting up the cabin with refreshments for the clients as well as helping out where I could with putting on wetsuits, removing lifejackets and it wasn’t long before our first shark of the day appeared. A Bronze Whaler, recognisable by its distinctive copper colour circled the boat. They are attracted to the scent trail that the chum leaves in the water and due to their curious nature, come to check out the area. Throughout the next few hours, we received visits from a few Bronzies and then headed back to the Great White House to clean up after the trip.

My next trip on Slashfin was one I will never forget. My first Great white shark sighting. The morning started as usual with getting gear ready for clients, I was assigned to be on 2 Slashfin trips that day and I was excited to get to be out at sea again. Once at the anchor site, we helped clients into wetsuits and got everything ready for when they come out of the cage. The first set of divers were ready and before long, our first Bronzie came to say hi, the second set of divers went in and by then, a few Bronzies had been seen circling the boat. By the time the third set of divers were settled in the cage, the crew went into a state of excitement. Our first Great White had come to visit after weeks of not seeing any around the bay. A 3.3m Male White Shark! The emotions that run through you when you see this magnificent creature cannot be described in words.

The first trip was coming to an end but I was hoping that he would stay around in time for the next trip and I was lucky enough to have seen him on both trips that day. My day was made and I am in awe of how beautiful and majestic these creatures are despite their inaccurate reputation. I can’t wait for my next adventure out at sea.

‘’ The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever’’ – Jaques Cousteau

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Jade Sookhoo Biodiversity & Ecology Graduate, Scientific Intern

Jade is a Biodiversity and ecology graduate from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa

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