Cari Roets

Sales and Marketing
Cari Roets

About Cari

My name is Cari Roets, I am involved with Sales and Marketing for Marine Dynamics and am responsible for maintaining brand consistency across all our public-facing materials.

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What is your role at Marine Dynamics Academy?

Most of my work revolves around sales and marketing for our commercial ecotourism companies, Marine Dynamics Shark Tours and Dyer Island Cruises. But there are many more facets to our overall identity and because our work is so broad, it’s important that we maintain consistency in what and how we communicate.

This is what I’m responsible for. I work very closely with our Lead Producer Ed and Lead Recruiter Natasha to make sure that everything people see about Marine Dynamics is accurate, concise and reflective of our values.

What is your background?

I have completed a BA Hons in Corporate Media, which provided me with various skills including design, social media management, networking and public relations. I’ve always aimed to mix marketing and wildlife.

Previous experience included coordinating conferences and marketing for a game lodge. I also worked as a photographer and training assistant on a photography based internship, through which my interest in wildlife and nature really started to grow.

This culminated in my move to Gansbaai in 2015, to work for Marine Dynamics and I’ve never looked back. Everyday is an exciting new challenge and the Academy has given us yet another avenue to connect with marine enthusiasts across the globe.

What is your favourite marine animal and why?

Humpback whales – They communicate through singing, breach when they want to (while still looking elegant) and still get away with being rough around the edges.